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Volume 34, 12 Issues, 2024


Q: Does the journal also print “Instruction to Authors” guidelines?

A: Yes, in every issue of the journal each month.

Q: What is the limit on the number of authors for an original research article, a case report, and a review article?

A: There is no limit on the number of authors but JCPSP prefers to have not more than six authors from similar discipline/in a single centered study. Moreover, number of authors involved in the study and the number of authors mentioned in the IRB approval letter must be same in case of original research article.

Q: What are the word limits for Original Research Articles, Case reports, Review articles, Short Communication and Letters to the Editor. Would the editor refuse to entertain an article if it exceed the words limit allowed for a particular category of article. What does the word count include?

A: Following is the word limits for the above mentioned respective category of articles:

Original article; 2000-2500 words excluding the structured abstract of 250 words with 20-25 references, review article; 2500-3000 words excluding non-structured abstract of 150 words with 40 to 60 references, Case reports; 1200-1500 words excluding non-structured abstract of 100-150 words and 10 references, Short communication; up to 800-1000 words with non-structured abstract of 100 words with 6-8 references. All the category of manuscripts should provide a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 key words as per mesh (medical subject headings) under the abstracts.

The journal shall not entertain manuscripts far in excess of the word limit.

The word count includes all information from Introduction through Discussion/ Conclusion and does not include the abstract, figures, legends, or table notes.

Q: Does JCPSP published Dissertation/Thesis based articles? What is the requirement for research papers for publication in lieu of dissertation for first & second fellowship examinations?

A: An article, based on dissertation, approved by REU [Research Evaluation Unit] of CPSP, which was submitted as part of the requirement for a Fellowship examination of the CPSP, can be sent for publication provided the data is not more than three years old. copies of approval letters of dissertation obtained from REU and review board of the study centre must be submitted with the research paper. Approval on articles' topic from REU is required for two research articles submitted for publication in JCPSP from candidates opting to write and publish articles in lieu of dissertation for appearing in first Fellowship examination of CPSP. Approval on article's topic is not required for an article submitted for publication for second fellowship examination in lieu of dissertation. Dissertation based articles should be re-written in accordance with the journal's instructions to the author guidelines. Article shall undergo routine editorial processing including external peer-review based upon which final decision shall be made for publication. Such articles, if approved, shall be published under the disclosure by author that 'it is a dissertation based article'.

Q: How many figures and tables are allowed in a manuscript?

A: An original research articles should not have more than 5 figures and tables (total) one figure consisting of panels A and B, and four tables.

Q: Does the journal accept manuscript written in language other than English?

A: No, the journal would accept manuscripts written in English only

Q: Once authors' certification proforma is submitted to the journal, which is mandatory before the manuscript is processed, can authors change the authorship sequence/addition/deletion while the manuscript is under processing?

A: No