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Latest Articles
Volume 32 | Issue 5 | May 2022
Financial Toxicity Tumor Board: A Multi-disciplinary Team Activity Required in Low and Middle-income Countries (LMIC)

By Ahmed Nadeem Abbasi, Sohail Rasool, Laraib Khan

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Trimetazidine Effect on the Cardiac Autonomic Nerve System after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Coronary Heart Disease: A Propensity-score Matched Study

By Bing Xiao, Peng-Fan Yin, Ye-Hui Jin, Fan Liu, Jing-Chao Lu, Xiu-Chun Yang

ABSTRACT Objective: To assess the effects of trimetazidine (TMZ) added to conventional drug therapy on cardiac autonomic nervous CANS in patients with coronary heart disease (CHD) after the percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Study Design: Descriptive study. Place and Duration of Study: D...

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Safety of Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques in Large Adrenal Lesions: A Single-Centre Study

By Sertac Yazici, Meylis Artykov, Hakan Bahadir Haberal, Turan Mammadaliyev, Ahmet Gudeloglu
, Cenk Yucel Bilen

ABSTRACT Objective: To compare perioperative outcomes of minimally invasive surgery for ≥5 cm and <5 cm adrenal lesions. Study Design: Retrospective cohort study. Place and Duration of Study: Hacettepe University School of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey, between October 2007 and September 2019. Met...

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Two Novel Mutations in Ectodysplasin-A Identified in Syndromic Tooth Agenesis

By Weihong Xie, Binghui Zeng, Pei Li, Duoling Xu, Dongsheng Yu, Wei Zhao

ABSTRACT Objective: To discover novel ectodysplasin‐A (EDA) and wingless‐type MMTV integration site family, member 10A (WNT10A) mutations in tooth agenesis (TA) patients. Study Design: Case series. Place and Duration of Study: Guanghua School of Stomatology, Guangzhou, China, from March 2018 to ...

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Management of Complicated Acute Pancreatitis: The Role of Hub-and-Spoke Model

By Khalid Munir Bhatti, Shafiq Rehman, Salman Ejaz Ahmed, Ruben Canelo

ABSTRACT Objective: To determine the primary and secondary outcomes of patients with complicated acute pancreatitis (CAP) of moderate to severe intensity managed by using the hub-and-spoke model. Study Design: An observational study. Place and Duration of Study: Department of Surgery, North Cumbria ...

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Fok1 VDR Gene Polymorphisms as the Risk factor for Diabetes Mellitus

By Muhammad Asif Memon, Saeeda Baig, Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui

ABSTRACT Objective: To investigate the prevalence of single nucleotide polymorphisms of vitamin D receptor (VDR) gene, and its association with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Study Design: Cross-sectional study. Place and Duration of Study: Ziauddin University Hospital, Karachi, from January 2018 to...

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A Histogram Model to Predict the Risk of Bleeding from Oesophageal and Gastric Variceal Rupture in Cirrhosis

By Rubing Liu, Yurong Sun, Kewei Xu, Hongyan Shi, Shuting Sheng, Derun Kong

ABSTRACT Objective: To establish and verify a nomogram for individualized prediction of patients with oesophageal and gastric variceal rupture and haemorrhage in cirrhosis. Study Design: Descriptive study. Place and Duration of Study: Department of Digestive Internal Medicine, Funan County People&rs...

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The Relationship Between Lipid Profile and Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Children and Adolescents with Obesity

By Emrah Cigri, Funda Catan Inan, Eren Er, Eren Yildiz

ABSTRACT Objective: To determine the relationship between lipid profile and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in obese children and adolescents. Study Design: A comparative cross-sectional study. Place and Duration of Study: Department of Pediatrics, Kastamonu Training and Research Hospital, Turkey...

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Effectiveness of Using a Gelatine-Based Model in Ultrasonography-guided Jugular Central venous Catheter Placement Training: A Randomised Clinical Trial

By Zeki Tuncel Tekgul, Cagri Yesilnacar, Mehmet Ugur Bilgin, Huseyin Ozkarakas

ABSTRACT Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of using a gelatine-based model, that can be prepared easily and at a low cost, compared to training without a model in ultrasonography (USG) guided internal jugular venous catheter placement training. Study Design: An open-label, randomised clinical...

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Diagnostic Value of Neutrophil/lymphocyte Ratio and Platelet/lymphocyte Ratio in Premature Rupture of Membranes Complicated by Sepsis

By Shujian Zhang, Wei Zhang, Xue Luan, Zhengyong Jin

ABSTRACT Objective: To investigate the predictive value of neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio (NLR) and platelet/lymphocyte ratio (PLR) in premature rupture of membranes complicated by sepsis. Study Design: A descriptive study. Place and Duration of Study: Department of Paediatrics, Affiliated Hospital of ...

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Effect of Pulmonary Functions on Survival in Patients with Operable Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

By Melek Cihanbeylerden, Merve Yumrukuz, Bahar Kurt, Cise Tuccar, Cagla Safak

ABSTRACT Objective: To investigate the prognostic importance of pulmonary functions and their effect on survival in patients with operable non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), who underwent surgical resection and/or received medical treatment. Study Design: Cohort study. Place and Duration of Study: ...

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Métaizeau Closed Reduction Technique and Open Reduction Technique for the Surgical Treatment of Pediatric Radial Neck Fractures

By Murat Yilmaz, Mahmud Aydin, Melih Malkoc

ABSTRACT Objective: To compare the functional outcomes of pediatric radial neck fractures treated with percutaneous reduction using Kirschner (K) wire with the Métaizeau technique, and that with open reduction plus internal fixation with K-wire. Study Design: Comparative descriptive study. Pl...

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Clinical Efficacy of Single Vidian Neurectomy in Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyps and Allergic Rhinitis

By Hedi Zhuo, Yanjie Wang, Xueping Qi, Jinmei Xue, Yunfang An, Changqing Zhao

ABSTRACT Objective: To investigate the clinical efficacy of single Vidian neurectomy (sVN) in the treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps and allergic rhinitis (CRSwNP &AR). Study Design: Descriptive study.   Place and Duration of Study: Otolaryngology-Head &Neck Sur...

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Could “Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery” be Used as an Efficient Technique in the Treatment of Calyceal Diverticula Stones

By Basri Cakiroglu, Tuncay Tas, Suleyman Hilmi Aksoy, Ersan Arda

ABSTRACT Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS) and holmium laser lithotripsy in the treatment of symptomatic renal calyceal diverticular (CD) stones. Study Design: A case series. Place and Duration of Study: Department of Urology, Hisar Intercontinental Hospita...

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Outcomes of Nephron-sparing Surgery in T1 vs T2 Renal Tumours

By Pardeep Kumar, Mudassir Hussain, Mehnaz Jabeen, Rehan Mohsin, Gauhar Sultan, Altaf Hashmi

ABSTRACT Objective: To compare the drop in eGFR after nephron-sparing surgery in T1 and T2 renal tumours. Study Design: Descriptive study. Place and Duration of Study: Department of Uro-oncology, Sindh Institute of Urology, and Transplantation Karachi, from March 2020 to March 2021....

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Lox as the Potential Key Gene of Clear Cell Renal Carcinoma

By Yanru Chen, Zhangzhe Yan, Yanping Su, Shang Zhao

ABSTRACT Clear cell renal carcinoma (CCRC) is the most common type of renal carcinoma. We hope to find out the potential key genes playing important roles in CCRC genesis and progression by analysing the recent expression profiling by array from 2014 to 2016. In order to find out the differentially ...

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Aspergillosis and Mucormycosis in COVID-19 Patients: A Systematic Review

By Saira Afzal, Mehreen Nasir

ABSTRACT Fungal infections have increased in number since the onset of this lethal pandemic. This study aimed to assess risk factors and case fatality in COVID-19 cases with aspergillosis or mucormycosis. A systematic review was done according to PRISMA guidelines. Databases used were Google scholar...

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Differentiating Clinical Characteristics Between Necrotizing Enterocolitis and Food Protein-induced Enterocolitis When Both have Pneumatosis Intestinalis: A Single-centre Study

By Ya Hu, Ziyu Hua, Kaizhen Liu, Hong Wei

ABSTRACT Objective: To compare the clinical characteristics of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) and food protein-induced enterocolitis (FPIES) when both have pneumatosis intestinalis (PI) and to identify them. Study Design: Analytical study. Place and Duration of Study: Department of N...

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Comparing Crystallized Phenol and Surgical Excision Treatments in Pilonidal Sinus Disease

By Ali Gozukucuk, Basri Cakiroglu, Sefa Yapici, Ilknur Banli Cesur, Zerrin Ozcelik, Hassan Huseyin Kilic

ABSTRACT Objective: To compare the results of commonly used treatments (Karydakis Flap method and crystallized phenol application) in the treatment of pilonidal sinus. Study Design: Comparative study. Place and Duration of Study: Adana Seyhan State Hospital, Adana City Hospital, and Hisar Interconti...

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Outcomes of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation of Oncologic Patients in Emergency Department

By Nurdan Acar, Adem Koksal, Mustafa E. Canakci, Muzaffer Bilgin, Ugur Bilge

ABSTRACT Objective: To evaluate the outcomes of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) of oncological cases versus non-oncological admitted to the emergency department as out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) or in-hospital cardiac arrest (IHCA). Study Design: Descriptive study. Place and Duration of S...

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Acute Acalculous Cholecystitis due to EBV Infection Presenting as Acute Abdomen

By Gulhadiye Avcu

ABSTRACT Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) is a herpes virus with a high seropositivity rate among the adult population throughout the world. Primary EBV infection is usually asymptomatic among young children. As age increases, it begins to manifest as infectious mononucleosis. Gastrointestinal involvement i...

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Surgical Blowhole Incision - An Unconventional Approach to Subcutaneous Emphysema Management Following Blunt Neck Trauma

By Tooba Khanum, Mohammad Saad Jawaid, Sadaf Zia, Iqbal A.M. Khyani

ABSTRACT Subcutaneous emphysema is the fortuitous entry of air into subcutaneous tissue. Its occurrence in the head, neck, and mediastinum is a result of trauma or surgery. This case describes a 45-year male who presented with massive progressive subcutaneous emphysema, spreading from the peri-orbit...

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Urachal Actinomycosis Presenting with Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections in a Middle-aged Woman: A Rare Case Report

By Basri Cakiroglu, Cevdet Kaya, Suleyman Hilmi Aksoy, Ramazan Gozukucuk, Lora Ates

ABSTRACT The urachal cyst, a remnant of allantois sac during embryogenesis, is a rare condition in adulthood. Urachus is an embryologic remnant degenerating after birth. Abberrant obliteration of the urachus causes urachal abnormalities. The urachal cysts are almost always symptomatic when infected....

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Neurological Recovery with Interferon-gamma Treatment in Friedreich's Ataxia

By Hande Gazeteci Tekin, Erturk Levent

ABSTRACT Friedreich's ataxia (FA) is a rare, progressive, and degenerative hereditary disorder caused by a deficiency of frataxin protein. This disease is characterised by severe neurological dysfunction and life-threatening cardiomyopathy. Various drugs are used to slow down / stop the neurodeg...

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Radiologic and Histopathologic Features of a Neck-Localised Follicular Dendritic Cell Sarcoma: A Case Report and Literature Review

By Jing Zeng, Xi Xu, Changzheng Shi, Liangping Luo

ABSTRACT Follicular dendritic cell sarcoma (FDCS) is an uncommon tumour. The pathological features of FDCS have been extensively described in the literature, but there are few reports on its imaging features. A 48-year-old man presented at our hospital with a mass in the left submandibular region wi...

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Bilateral Temporomandibular Joint Dislocation Following Arthrocentesis Plus Hyaluronic Acid Injection

By Sadi Memis, Mert Can

ABSTRACT Arthrocentesis plus intra-articular hyaluronic acid (HA) injection for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders is known to be a safe and minimally invasive surgical procedure. Arthrocentesis plus HA injection has a pain-reducing effect on TMJ disorders. It is also a palliative treatment th...

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An Unusual Laboratory Accident: Bromine Burn

By Hasan Basri Cetinkaya, Harun Gunes

ABSTRACT Bromine is a water-soluble, severely toxic element. It leads to tissue injury by causing the release of radical oxygen species from mucosal membranes. Redness or brownish discoloration of the skin, pain, measles-like rash, vesicles, blisters, pustules, furuncles, burns, and ulcers may be se...

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A Modified Double Z-Plasty for Bilateral Cleft Lip Repair

By Emad Hussein Elsayed, Barakat Abdelreheem, Mohamed M. Ghoneim, Shadia Abdelhameed Elsayed

ABSTRACT Repairing bilateral cleft lip (BCL) with a modified Z-Plasty technique to overcome many complications encountered with other traditional techniques was attempted in a group of Egyptian subjects at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Faculty of Medicine for Girls, Al Azhar Univ...

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Flow-through Dorsoulnar Perforator Flap Repair of Soft-Tissue Defect of the Finger with Segmental Digital Arterial Defect

By Zonghai Jia, Gaofeng Liang, Chaopeng Duan, Zhao Zhang, Yongming Guo, Yunsheng Teng

ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to investigate the feasibility of transferring the free flow-through dorsoulnar perforator flap to reconstruct severely injured fingers. From January 2015 to March 2019, 16 patients, 16 thumb or fingers volar partial defects concomitant with segmental digital arter...

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Evidence-Based Emergency Medicine is Easy: Why Not Giving it a Try?

By Sadaf Sheikh

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Correlation of Fibromyalgia with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

By Muhammad Ahsan Khan, Areeba Rehman, Butool Nusrat

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Role of General Practitioner in the Management of Patients Suffering from Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

By Maida Ghaffar, Haroon Zahoor, Ammara Ghaffar

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Initiation of Molecular Pathology FCPS in Pakistan Is Urgent!

By Javeria Aijaz, Saba Jamal

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Eye Muscle Exercises; Solution to Rising Screen Exposure

By Kiran Khushnood, Nasir Sultan, Malik Muhammad Ali Awan

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Special Issue

Special Supplement 1 | Volume 32 | Year 2022
Hydrocele with Paratesticular Liposarcoma

By Ozer Baran, Ufuk Bozkurt, Aykut Aykac

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A Difficult Route for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: Single Coronary Artery Anomaly

By Kerim Esenboga, Emir Baskovski, Nil Ozyunku, Eralp Tutar

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Initial Experience in Ablation of Non-coronary Cusp PVCs by using High-density Mapping System (Rhythmia)

By Muhammad Asad, Qurban Hussain Khan, Azmat Hayat, Rehana Khadim

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Fishbone-induced Pericardial Hemorrhage Resulting in a Misdiagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction

By Zuoan Qin, Liagnqing Ge

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Severe Asymptomatic Hyponatremia in an Elderly Man

By Lawson Ekpe, Emin Emin, Onuche Lawrence, Osuji Kingsley

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Improvement of Three Duodenal Re-leaks: Two-way Vacuum-assisted Closure

By Ali Alemdar, Seracettin Egin

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Uterine Adenosarcoma in a Teen Ager

By Yuanyuan Wang, Yongliang Teng, Jie Li, Ye Yuan

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Double Peptic Ulcer Perforation due to Cumulative Effects of Post-surgery Stress and NSAIDs: A Rare Event in Surgical Practice

By Junaid Zia Hashmi, Muhammad Masood-Ur-Rauf Khan Hiraj, Farah Saleem, Usman Malik, Imran Khan Mazari

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Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor of the Cervix

By Tiantian Zhang, Zishu Wang, Rui Wang, Xiao Wu, Menglin Zhao, Fang Su

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A Rare Presentation of Extramedullary Hematopoiesis: Perirenal Masses

By Selahattin Durmaz, Cennet Sahin, Muzaffer Basak, Sukru Mehmet Erturk

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Simple Congenital Hamartoma of Retinal Pigment Epithelium

By Tayyaba Gul Malik

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Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection in a Renal Transplant Patient by Pan-resistant Myroides Spp

By Ali Faraz, Kauser Fathima, Syed Yousaf Kazmi, Abdullah Suib Al Motery, Usama Bin Ghaffar, Muhammad Asad Farhan

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From Gut to Heart: Extensively Drug-resistant Salmonella typhi with Multi System Involvement

By Sadaf Sheikh, Umair Javed

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Nasopharyngeal Tuberculosis

By Shanila Ahmed, Syed Muhammad Mustahsan, Bushra Jamil, Faiza Ilyas

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Horseshoe Kidney in a Patient with Leriche Syndrome

By Anil Ozen, Isa Civelek, Gorkem Yigit, Hakki Zafer Iscan

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Methotrexate-induced Leukoencephalopathy: A Rare but Life-threatening Toxicity

By Fayaz Hussain, Jahanzeb Rehman, Qamar Unnissa Chaudhry, Sayed Kamran Mahmood, Tariq Ghafoor

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Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome with Normal Creatine Phosphokinase Levels: An Atypical Presentation

By Saba Zaidi, Nashit Irfan, Zain Khalid

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Cryptococcal Meningoencephalitis in an Immunocompetent Patient

By Sadaf Sheikh, Umair Javed

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Guillain-Barre Syndrome: A Rare Complication of Organophosphate Poisoning

By Shaheen Bibi, Shameem Kauser, Irfan Ahsan

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Acrometastasis of Laryngeal Carcinoma to the Finger

By Cengiz Karacin, Sema Turker, Dogan Yazilitas, Tulay Eren, Tugba Taskin Turkmenoglu

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Cutaneous Metastasis from Transitional Cell Carcinoma of Urinary Bladder

By Goknur Kalkan, Hilal Ahsen, Bulent Yalcin

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Melena: An Unusual Manifestation of Metastatic Lung Cancer

By Muge Ustaoglu, Bahiddin Yilmaz, Sultan Caliskan, Ceren Canturk, Ibrahim Goren, Ahmet Bektas

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Whole-body Bone Scan in the Diagnosis and Treatment of SAPHO Syndrome

By Chengzhi Jinag, Yajie Zhao, Xinhui Li, Hui Hu, Can Li

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Subglottic Hemangioma: Now You See it, Now You Don’t

By Mawaddah Azman

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Pleomorphic Adenoma of Minor Salivary Gland

By Sahar Usman, Sufyan Ahmed, Sana Iqbal, Ayesha Aslam

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Pneumomediastinum in an Accidental Chlorine Gas Exposed Victim

By Muhammad Akbar Baig, Maaz Salahuddin

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Kleefstra Syndrome

By Hilal Aydin, Ibrahim Hakan Bucak, Haydar Bagis

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Histiocytic Sarcoma with Invasive Urothelial Carcinoma of Urinary Bladder

By Aysegul Isal Arslan, Sevil Karabag, Murat Akgul

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Post-traumatic Renal Arteriovenous Malformation Discovered after 2 Years of Blunt Trauma: Diagnosis and Management

By Tariq Javed, Zehra Kazmi, Amna Butt, Waqas Rahim, Mohammad Ayaz Khan

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Contralateral Recurrence of a Lumbar Juxtafacet Cyst Following Spontaneous Resolution

By Can Sarica, Furkan Kucuk

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