JCPSP Issue :

March 2017, Vol :27, No.03


Homocysteine As A Biomarker For Thrombosis: What Is The Learning Curve?
Bushra Moiz,


Homeostatic Model Assessment For Insulin Resistance (homa-ir): A Better Marker For Evaluating Insulin Resistance Than Fasting Insulin In Women With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Hafsa Majid, Qamar Masood, Aysha Habib Khan,
Objective: To assess the utility of HOMA-IR in assessing insulin resistance in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and compare it with fasting insulin for assessing insulin resistance (IR). Study Design: Observational study. Pl ...
Ultrasonographic Findings Of Liver In Chronic Liver Disease And Its Complications And Their Association With The Duration Of The Disease
Sara Khalid Memon,
Objective: To evaluate the ultrasound abdomen findings in patients having viral chronic liver disease (CLD) and build correlation of these findings with the duration of disease. Study Design: Cross-sectional analytical study. Place and ...
Dexamethasone Effect On The Expression Of Transforming Growth Factor-β1/smads Signaling Pathway In Benign Biliary Stricture Fibroblasts In Rodent
Ke -Yue Li, Cheng -Xian Shi, Jian -zhao Huang, Ke -li Tang,
Objective: To investigate the effects of dexamethasone on transforming growth factor (TGF)-β1/Smads signaling pathway in benign biliary stricture (BBS) fibroblasts. Study Design: An experimental study. Place and Duration of Study: Gui ...
Frequency And Antibiogram Of Isolates From Surgical Units Of A Tertiary Care Hospital In Quetta
Maria Mushtaq Gill, Muhammad Junaid Khan, Muhammad Asif Nawaz, Sarfraz Khan Janjua,
Objective: To determine the frequency and antibiogram of the isolates from infected patients in surgical units of a tertiary care hospital. Study Design: Cross-sectional, descriptive study. Place and Duration of Study: Department of Mi ...
Comparison Of The Long-term And Short-term Fluctuations Of Frequency-doubling Technology Perimetry Between Peripheral And Paracentral Zones Of Visual Field
Faisal Aziz Khan, Mazhar Ishaq, Amer Yaqub,
Objective: To compare the long- and short-term fluctuations of frequency doubling technology perimetry between peripheral and paracentral zone and determine the relationship between threshold sensitivity and long- and short-term fluctua ...
Crigler Massage For Congenital Blockade Of Nasolacrimal Duct
Jahanzeb Durrani,
Objective: To determine the success rate of non-surgical management of congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction (CNLDO) with Crigler massage in infants below the age of one year. Study Design: A cross-sectional observational study. Pla ...
Cluster Of Differentiation 5 (cd5) Levels In The Plasma Of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder (asd)
Dost Muhammad Halepoto, Abdulrahman Mohammed Alhowikan, Laila AL- Ayadhi,
Objective: To investigate the cluster of differentiation 5 (CD5) plasma levels and their association with childhood autism rating scale (CARS) in subjects with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) compared to age and gender matched healthy co ...
Effect Of Ligation Of The Thoracic Duct During Oesophagectomy On The Absorption Of D-xylose
Rui -feng Yang, Zhong -min Jiang, Run -qi Zhang, Bing Yu, Xiao -hong Wang, Peng Wang,
Objective: To assess if prophylactic thoracic duct ligation during oesophagectomy influences the absorptive function of oesophageal cancer patients. Study Design: Randomized controlled trial. Place and Duration of Study: Department of ...


Motivating And Demotivating Factors For Community Health Workers Engaged In Maternal, Newborn And Child Health Programs In Low And Middle-income Countries: A Systematic Review
Leah Shipton, Aysha Zahidie, Fauziah Rabbani,
This systematic review aimed to synthesize primary research on motivating factors of community health workers (CHWs) for maternal, neonatal, and child health (MNCH) in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). Peer-reviewed literatures were systematicall ...


Gastric Intestinal Metaplasia: An Intermediate Precancerous Lesion In The Cascade Of Gastric Carcinogenesis
Tayyab Hamid Malik, Mujtaba Yousef Al Sayahan, Hussain Ali Al Ahmed, Xu Hong,
Gastric intestinal metaplasia, an intermediate lesion in the development of intestinal-type gastric cancer, is observed in the milieu of long standing non-atrophic gastritis and atrophic gastritis. Most patients with intestinal metaplasia remain asympto ...
Surgical Management For Symptomatic Giant Liver Hemangiomas: A Meta-analysis
Misbah Khan, Faisal Hanif, Aamir Ali Syed,
Objective: To conduct a meta-analysis of reported evidence on surgical management for symptomatic giant liver hemangiomas. Methodology: A systematic literature search was conducted to identify studies on adult patient surgeries for symp ...


Appendicular Diverticulosis With Appendicitis
Syed Muhammad Hammad Alam,
Appendicular diverticulosis is one of the very rare diseases which is also difficult to diagnose, especially clinically, due to its silent course and non-specific symptoms. It comes under the notation usually due to its complications like diverticulitis ...
Classic Raymond Syndrome
Majid Khan, Sadaf Naveed, Iqbal Haider, Mohammad Humayun, Abidullah Khan,
Classic Raymond syndrome presents with abducens nerve palsy on the ipsilateral side with contralateral hemiparesis and facial nerve paralysis. A 60-year gentleman presented with deviation of left angle of mouth and right sided weakness. Examination show ...
Dysphagia: An Unusual Presentation Of Metastatic Uterine Cervical Carcinoma
Anam Hameed, Alexander A. Dekovich, Phillip J. Lum, Mehnaz A. Shafi,
Worldwide, cervical cancer is the third most common cancer among women and the fourth leading cause of death from cancer. The most common sites of metastasis are the pelvic lymph nodes, vagina, and the pelvic sidewalls. Distant metastases are uncommon b ...
Bladder Leiomyoma
Selahattin Caliskan, Mustafa Sungur,
Leiomyoma of the bladder is a very rare disorder that accounts for 0.43% of all bladder neoplasms. Although the pathophysiology of the bladder leiomyoma is unknown, there are some theories in it. The patients can be asymptomatic; and clinical symptoms, ...


Physical Manipulation Of Larynx As A Technique For Insertion Of Nasogastric Tube
Sheema Siraj, Mehmood Mian, Fauzia Anis Khan,
Diastolic Dysfunction In Coronary Artery Disease
Satwat Hashmi, H. R. Ahmad, Hasanat Sharif, Syedah Saira Bokhari,
The Cost Of Curriculum Overload
Kieran Walsh,
Primary Axillary Hydatid Cyst: An Extremely Rare Manifestation Of Hydatid Disease
Ali Ezer, Alper Parlakgumus,